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Our Story

Bandra better known as 'The Queen of Suburbs of Bombay', you may not find Bombay not an easy sort of place at least not to begin with until you get a custom with the lifestyle and settle in. Bandra is one of the most happening part of the city. It has Bollywood, industrialist and high profile people who call Bandra their home. With Portuguese and British influences reflected on the architecture and cuisine. At Bandra Cafe we have tried to assimilate the vibe and food of Bandra from ELCO chaats, frankies, pan rolls and potato chops. We also take influence from the famous Irani cafes of Bombay with dark wooden chairs and white table tops to having dishes like salli chicken, kheema pan and mawa cake.

Chef Raun, a Bandra boy has worked at India’s finest hotels, has lived in the Surrey-Delta community for 20 years, Raun also has run other successful ventures before. My idea of the cafe, is a place to hang out and chill which reflects my teenage and young adult years in Bombay. Where going to a cafe was an everyday routine. This will be Vancouver and Greater Vancouver’s first Indian style cafe.

Lionel has been in the food hospitality industry for the last 40+ years. Started out with Dorcel Caterers opened with his Mum and her partner Aunty Doris . When the company decided to close he started Twin caterers with his Twin brother. He got married in 1995 and moved to Vancouver, BC and worked at different restaurants and continued to do caterings for private functions. He owned his own Franchise restaurant ABC Country Restaurant and then worked with White Spot as a General Manager . His culinary experience starts from his  child hood of growing up in good old Bandra  where he learnt how to cook various types of cuisines. Definitely a BANDRA BUGGER.

May all our dreams come to Reality God Bless.

You can take the boy out of Bandra, but you can’t take Bandra out of the boy! #TheBandraBuggers #TheGullyBoys

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